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If home is where the heart is
Where should I go home?
If my heart is in a thousand pieces
Which of the thousand ways should I go?

e world is pulling you down
Everyone don’t seem to care
The path you’re taking ain’t going anywhere

You feel there’s no more good in you
You would just like to give it all up
You feel weak, thinking you aint getting there


Look at me, what do you see?

I’ll tell you.

You’re looking at a friend
Someone who’ll listen and be there
Someone that stay and cares
Someone that loves you, loves you dearly

What you’re looking at is a friend
A friend who’ll pick you up
A friend that will be hard on you
A friend that will help you

You’re looking at a friend that will never


Stop loving you

Piece by piece
Chance by chance
Day by day
Your words tumbling
chaotic from your mouth
Never did make sense
Piece by piece
You crush my heart
Throw it around
Chance by chance
You give me reasons
To hate you, forget you
Day by day
I’m beginning to erase
Erase you from my heart
My battered heart
Piece by piece
Chance by chance
Day by day

Clouded Vision

There was a little girl, 3 or 4 years old, seated in front of me in a jeepney this morning. A kalesa passed by and her parents pointed the horse to her. I think it was the first time she saw a horse and boy, did she smile! Her smile was so huge that I couldn’t help myself but smile too! And that smile, that amazement by just seeing a horse, that awe in her eyes made me envy.

And well, it made me think of when was the last time I was in awe of something as ordinary as that horse. Or maybe, it is the extraordinary things that becomes insignificant to us, they become ordinary. Maybe somehow, as we grow older, we become desensitized to the amazing things around us. We put our focus on the ugly, the wrong, the awful things so much that we tend to overlook the wonder, the beauty, the greatness that is our world. This, this world we’re living in is so awesome that it’s so hard for me to think of the reason why we lose sight of this greatness.

I don’t want this clouded vision anymore. I want to see His greatness everywhere I look. I don’t want to focus on the bad, I want to see the good. I want to be in awe of the little things and the big things just like that little girl. I want to look at an ant and see God. I want to look an airplane and praise God.



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